Tech Solutions to Improve Your Hiring and Onboarding in 2023

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Hiring and onboarding are two of the most important processes for any business. It’s essential that you not only find the best candidates for your open position but that you teach them how to function within your organization quickly and efficiently.

To improve your hiring and onboarding process, there are many tech solutions that you can implement. Below are a few ideas that likely won’t take too long to integrate into your current process but that can deliver great results once you implement them.

Resume Screening Software

A great place to start is at the very beginning. Once you list your open job position, you may start to get a flood of resumes from interested applicants. Unfortunately, you won’t have the time to slowly read through each and every resume you receive. A better solution is to implement resume screening software. Resume screening software analyzes all of the resumes you receive and only passes on those that meet certain requirements.

For example, you may have a job for which you require someone to have a certain college degree. With resume screen software, you can eliminate any resume that doesn’t have this degree listed. This can significantly reduce the number of resumes you have to personally look at and ensures you’re only looking at ones that best suit the role.

Video Conferencing Software

Next, you’ll want to make sure your organization has video conferencing software. Video conferencing tools can help in a wide variety of ways, one of which is the hiring process. Through video conferences, you can talk with potential applicants without them having to visit your location.

This is perfect not only for remote jobs but for saving yourself time. With video conferencing, you can continue to narrow down your choices and only invite the top candidates in for a one-on-one interview in person. There are many video conferencing software options out there, and many of them will allow you to send links to non-users, which is perfect for applicants who may not have the software themselves.

Knowledge Management System

An important tool you’ll want to use for the onboarding process is a knowledge management system. A knowledge management system is an online tool you can use to organize all the essential information about your organization. This is the place where your new hire will go to learn all the different aspects of their job and complete any training materials.

By storing all this information in one easy-to-access place, you’ll make it easier for your new hire to learn everything that they need to. Larger organizations should explore enterprise knowledge management software solutions, as these will have more tools for bigger companies.

Performance Tracking Software

Once your new employee gets started, you’ll want a way to track their progress. For this, there are performance tracking tools. With these tools, you can easily see if an employee is completing their tasks and how well they’re doing on them. With performance tracking software, you can quickly identify if a new hire isn’t getting the hang of things and needs more instruction. This prevents them from creating bad habits and will help them get on the right track much faster.

Task Simulation Software

A great way to help new employees is with task simulation software. Task simulation software allows new employees to perform tasks that they’ll have to do in their jobs but without any of the risks. They can go through all of the steps required of them in a simulated environment, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and get used to the proper ways to do things.

For example, you can use simulation software to mimic a customer service interaction, letting a new employee practice handling a customer complaint. Simulation software helps new employees get their biggest mistakes out of the way during the onboarding process without actually harming anything.

Employee Feedback Tools

Finally, look to implement some employee feedback tools. Once you’re done onboarding your new employee, it’s a good idea to request some feedback from their end on how they viewed the hiring and onboarding process.

They may have suggestions on how you can improve things for future employees that you may not have thought of. A simple survey or some open-ended questions can go a long way toward ensuring you’re properly onboarding new employees and that you’re communicating clearly during the hiring process.

Start Improving Your Hiring and Onboarding Today

A few simple tech solutions could drastically change your hiring and onboarding. Whether it’s ensuring you’re interviewing the best candidates or giving them the tools to succeed, implementing some new software is likely a good investment of your time and resources. Start with the suggestions above, and before long, you should start to see improvement in your process.

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