The Global XMAGE Awards 2023: Know Who Started It?

The Global XMAGE Awards 2023

The Global XMAGE Awards 2023 got off to a good start on April 7, 2023. As Huawei’s open platform for smartphone photography, the yearly competition celebrates inspiration and creativity through amazing pictures and videos taken with Huawei devices around the world. Since 2017, people from more than 170 countries and areas have taken part in the game every year, sending in nearly 4 million comments so far. This makes the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards their own cultural tradition, with pieces of human history from around the world.

Global XMAGE Awards Rebrand: Capture and Inspire

This year’s Global XMAGE Awards want all shooters, whether they are professionals or not, to look for inspiration in their work. The award is called the XMAGE Award because that is the name of Huawei’s research and development team for imaging. Like its title, the Global XMAGE Awards wants to help shooters get ideas and try new things with their photos.

The new Night Walk ensemble includes Wonders of the Dark

The options for this year’s challenge are Night Walk, Portrait, Art & Fashion, Outdoor, Hello Life, Storyboard, Action, and Storytelling.

Night Walk is a new category that encourages users to use Huawei’s unique night-photo settings to take pictures of the secret beauty of nightlife.

New judges and exciting prizes

The following gifts will be given to the best entries this year: There were three winners of the Grand Prize, 24 winners of the Best-in-Category award, 27 runners-up, and five honorable mentions. Winners can get a prize of up to $10,000 USD.

They asked for new judges. This group includes Chen Xiaobo, Vice President of the China Photographers Association, Chinese fashion photographer Pei Tong tong, Portuguese landscape photographer José Ramos, Australian portrait photographer Jessica Hromas, and Li Changzhu, Vice President of the Consumer Strategy Marketing Dept. at the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group.

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