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The Latest Car Tech Trends Revealing the Future of Driving


With cars produced by Google clocking over five million miles on public roads, Silicon Valley is quickly taking over Detroit as the automobile capital of America. As electric power and self-driving capabilities become more common, the link between motor vehicles and tech is becoming strengthened. Technology is making driving easier, safer and more fun. Here are some of the latest car tech trends to look out for in the coming months and years.

Cameras Everywhere

Cameras on cars have been around for a while, helping drivers to reverse safely into parking spaces. However, new innovations are replacing mirrors with cameras with can give the driver a more accurate and clear view. Soon the days of wing mirrors and rear view mirrors will be gone, as 360-degree cameras will provide motorists with all the information they need to navigate the roads safely. The Audi e-Tron is an electric vehicle set to launch before the end of 2018. Promotional photographs reveal that its wing mirrors have been replaced with cameras and a small screen in each of the car’s front doors.

Pothole and Obstacle Detection

Cameras on cars don’t just help to provide drivers with a larger field of vision.  They can also help to flag up potential hazards which cannot be spotted. New technology adds value to vehicles and can potentially offer significant savings. Potholes are the latest targets of new car technology, with the 2018 version of the Ford Focus coming equipped with pothole detection. Each year, potholes cost drivers $3 billion, so these sensors make financial sense. The same technology is also being used to automatically slam on the brakes if the sensors detect a pedestrian in danger of being hit.T

Wireless Charging

With a growing range of fully electric vehicles, cars are basically no different to a phone or tablet. They have a battery that needs charging. The job of tech companies is to ensure that these batteries last a long time between charges and that charging is fast and convenient. With smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung using wireless charging, BMW has taken this idea and applied it to its new 5 Series. A charging pad that comes with the vehicle removes the need to plug it in. Simply park over the pad and it will begin to recharge the battery.

These exciting tech trends could change the way we use cars in the future. Cameras and sensors will improve visibility and take control when the driver misses an obstacle. Meanwhile, wireless charging is making electric vehicle use an easier and more viable option.

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