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Smartphones are great, they make our life easier. We do a lot of things in them and maybe, just maybe most of the features will not suit for you. So, what can we do. Somebody wants a better camera, some wants a large speaker and some just want an extra set juice for their long day. Everything has a limit, even smartphones. So, what more can you do, is there any possible way to upgrade the hardware of the phone, just the shiny one. What if I say yes?

As we know that the Moto Z is finally here in India. Here are some of the things you have missed about the unique modular Moto Z and Moto Z Play.


What is a modular phone?

Google may have stopped their modular phone project but Motorola is not ready to say quit yet. The new modular moto z has launched in India and they are just awesome. Basically a modular phone is smartphone in which you can swap out some parts and install a new one. For example, upgrading RAM or the camera module or some extra battery on the back. You can add any modular equipment, and this equipment are called ‘mods’ and so we get the term ‘modular phone’.

How good the Motorola modular phones are?

Well, let’s assume they are really-really good, I mean modules. I can change the specs, the CPU, the camera but wait, the moto z might have some limitation. As we know that these are the first publicly launch modular phones. They are not that much modular than we have imagined, you have to still go the service center for that broken screen.


The thing Motorola wanted to do is to bring the tech to everyone, not so many people wants modular phones, they are very happy with their phones performance. And unlike everyone, we need simplicity. Swap in swap out; hardware changed. The biggest problems are changing internal hardware, everything is integrated to the motherboard and making every tiny sensor and chipset into mods is not easy. We need a supported hardware, the right equipment and even if we have all of that we need a software which is capable of recognizing all the diverse mod. More similar to a USB device that we attach to our computer and use it. Some geeks might find it easy but majority of people will say no to.

Motorola came with a unique idea of limited set of mods. Well these mods are specifically designed for the phone, with the complete hardware and software support. So you just need to attach the device and use it as a secondary device of your smartphone. Voila!

Moto mods:


With moto mods you can configure some of the feature and have the most advance mod experience.

Hasselblad true zoom: The Hasselblad mod adds advance imaging functionality to your phone, with 10x optical zoom lens and Xenon flash light this mod is perfect for that family photo of yours. A part from that the mod carries unique features like depth of field and an awesome wide angle shoot. The mod also has physical shutter and zoom controls, you’ll also be able to capture RAW format, which delivers a high quality image.

Moto Insta-Share Projector: This mod is a small projector, so you are always ready for that surprise photo slide and video. It can instantly turn nay surface into a 70” tv. The projector display works fine on any white color wall. The biggest disadvantage of this mod is it drains a lot of battery.

JBL Sound Boost Speaker: The JBL sound mod boost up the smartphone with powerful stereo sound, which is powered by JBL® SoundBoost technology. These speakers are very loud and delivers a quality sound.

Power Pack Batteries: Battery is low, don’t worry. Incipio offGRID power pack is the all way solution for that. Attach the mod to the device and get a 20-hour life to your phone.

Moto Style Shell: These style shells are unique designed back cover, with a premium touch. You can also choose premium material like real wood and leather etc.


Moto Mods Pricing Bundle pricing:
JBL® SoundBoost Speaker INR 6999 INR 5999
Hasselblad True Zoom Camera NR 19999 NR 14999
Instashare Projector INR 19999 INR 15999
Incipio offGRIDtm Power Pack INR 5999 INR 4999
Style Shells:

Wood and ballistic nylon



INR 1099

INR 1599


INR 899

INR 1299

Both the Moto Z and Moto Z Play will go on sale, starting 17th October exclusively on and Flipkart at INR 39,999 and INR 24,999.  

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