Top 5 Most Common Chevy Cruze Problems

Most Common Chevy Cruze Problems

When we buy a brand car, I’d say it’s safe to say that we expect to be getting quality.  Who wants to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of junk, right?  Realistically, though, some are going to turn out to be “lemons.”

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a “lemon” is a car that leaves the lot as little more than a faulty piece of junk right off the bat.  To say they’re a disappointment is putting it lightly, really, and even though they’re frowned upon, their sales are still happening.  

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Depending on where you live, though, there are protections for us as consumers.  In California, especially, there are actually “lemon laws” in place to ensure that if an automobile manufacturer isn’t willing to fix the issues quickly and without a fuss, they’re liable for some damages.  

Wondering whether or not the Chevy you’ve bought classifies as a lemon, though?  Today, I’ll be covering some of the common issues that we’re seeing that qualify.  Although each state has its own legislature, you can look at a resource like this one to get an idea of what I’m talking about before you continue!

One: Steering Wheel Failure

Obviously, there are some varying levels of severity when it comes to car problems.  One of the worst, though, is if your steering system is failing.  Now, this can be total or partial.  Although neither of them is “good” to happen, partial is at least slightly less devastating.  Either way, though, this is something that should be fixed immediately by a car manufacturer like Chevy if you’re experiencing it.

The problem here, in particular, is that often, steering failure happens in tandem with a whole slew of other problems as well.  You can tell if it’s occurring if you either have no control at all over your direction or if the wheel feels extremely heavy and difficult to turn.  The former is the total failure, with the latter being symptomatic of partial instead.

Most Common Chevy Cruze Problems

Two: Brake Leaks

Next up is something that can go unnoticed for a bit longer, although that doesn’t make it less dangerous of course.  According to Chevy Cruze Lemon Law, you might have a claim even if you’ve had your vehicle serviced multiple times, and no matter how many miles are on it.  The big thing is that there are issues that can’t really be solved by the manufacturer.

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With leaky brakes, there could be a few reasons behind them.  Most likely, the fluid leaking out is the brake fluid itself.  That’s what helps move the force from you putting your foot on the brake to the rest of the car, so it can be a pretty big deal if something goes wrong there.

Three: Ignition Troubles

A few things fall under this category, but they all qualify under the same umbrella, so I’ll condense them as best as I can.  Usually, if something is going wrong here, you’ll see the “check engine” light turn on above your steering wheel.  When that happens, it’s probably time to take it to a mechanic.

Obviously, there are varying levels of severity with these issues, so it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from a professional if you’re suspecting that it’s due to the car being a lemon.  Since it can be hard to determine it on your own, mechanics and attorneys may be able to give you a consultation to see if they think that you’ve got a case that you could take to court.

Four: Dashboard Light Malfunctions

Our dashboards are there to help warn us when there is something wrong with our vehicle, as well as tell us important information about how much gas we have or how many miles are on the car.

If they’re not working properly, that can be rather detrimental to your safety.  You may end up assuming that there is something broken that isn’t – or the opposite, and not realize that there is a malfunction with a system like your engine or brakes.  Neither situation is ideal.

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Even if they seem innocuous, trust me when I say that you should be paying attention to them.  Those little lights can save you a lot of time and money, and it could even save your life if it’s working correctly and displays a “check brake” symbol.  Malfunctioning ones can do the opposite, though, and that’s why this is such a big deal on the “lemon checklist” of sorts.

Five: Electrical Issues

While it might seem like this is only something that could affect electric cars, be they from Chevy or not, this isn’t quite the case.  All cars need batteries and have a lot of electronics that keep them running properly.  Navigational systems tend to run on electricity, after all, along with the radio and even the heating and air conditioning in some vehicles.

Obviously, when there’s a malfunction going on with the electronics in your car, it’s not going to be a fun time.  Even if it’s just something small like the lighting in your radio not working properly, that could just be hinting at a larger underlying issue.  Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you’ll probably want to talk to a mechanic.

On a final note, this list is far from comprehensive as far as the qualifiers of lemon Chevrolets.  Realistically, there is just too much there to cover all at once.  That being said, though, hopefully, this gives you some of the idea of what to expect if you do suspect that you’ve got a case against your car manufacturer.

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There are different classifications for “lemons” in the various states, so if you’re in California, the resources I linked above might be of some help to you.  When in doubt, talk to an attorney and get a free consultation about the state of your car and how many times you’ve had to get it repaired, only for more issues to crop up.

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