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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000 Rs in India

You like your music loud? Well, so do the rest of us. Speakers are the life of any party and when they are easy to move – nothing like it! Portable speakers differ from one another in many specific ways. You will find dissimilarities in the look, color, shape, size, functionality and of course, price among the options available. But that shouldn’t come in your way and your plans to carry your tune to the beach, camping or even traveling perhaps. If you are looking to buy new speakers and you want to start on the lower side then we’ve come up with a list of some best bluetooth speakers systems all under the INR 2000 mark.

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The strongest perk that a portable speaker brings in itself is that it is wireless and is super easy to carry around. There is of course a load of difference in terms of features in products ranging in price. But that’s pretty obvious. You pay more, you get more. Even so, the speakers we have covered here are quite amazing and at a fair price too.

Here are Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs 2000 List

Come let’s take a look at the best Bluetooth speakers priced under 2000 bucks –

1. JBL Go  (Buy Link)

JBL GoThe JBL Go could have you fooled with its tiny box like appearance but it isn’t fooling anybody with its sound quality. It does not just give you good performance but can easily outrun any other contender in the category. Hence, it attains the very top spot in our list of the best portable speakers under the 2000 mark. Connect it to your auxiliary or via Bluetooth and get blown over by the strength and sound quality of the rather tiny speaker. It gives you a good 7-8 hour battery life and comes in different color variants.

2. Logitech X100 (Buy Link)

Logitech X100 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersLogitech X100 is small yet powerful. In terms of quality and connectivity, there aren’t many that can top this. It comes in different colors and endures 5-6 hours of music sessions worth battery life.

3. Portronics Sublime III  (Buy Link)

Portronics Sublime III POR 622 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Alaram Clock This one comes with a built-in FM radio. The Portronics Sublime III is a solid 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker and gives you really good audio output. However, unlike many in the same category it does not let you answer calls. The speaker supports microSD cards up to 32GB, aux input and NFC.

4. Philips SBA3010  (Buy Link)

Philips SBA3010The Philips SBA3010 genuinely serves the point of a fine-structured, small portable speaker. Contrary to what the others include, this one does not come with Bluetooth connectivity. Even so, it gives you a retractable 3.5mm cable.

5. Frontech JIL-3906  (Buy Link)

Frontech JIL-3906 Wireless Bluetooth MobileTablet SpeakerComing from the peripherals manufacturer Frontech, this small Bluetooth speaker is one of the smallest portable Bluetooth speakers that made the final spot on our list of portable speakers under the INR 2000 mark. The speakers are inexpensive and allows music playback via auxiliary as well as the microSD card.

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Amrita Chanda
Amrita Chanda
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