What is Plagiarism? Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker 2019

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The concept of plagiarism comes way back from kindergarten, yeah! The year when we use to copycat our friend’s assignment. It was easy back then but since when the digital era kicked-in and copyrights infringement law came up plagiarism has become a thing. Now, you can’t copy someone’s content just like that, the intellectual property law has become more aggressive than before. And if you do copy someone’s content and think that you’ll get away with it, well chances are you’ll probably get caught more easily than you think.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

In simple terms, a plagiarism checker is merely a tool that is used to check the authenticity of the document, to see if the content is plagiarised or not. Most companies tend to hide their secret methods of plagiarism checking but so far, there are few tradition techniques with which the entire concept works. For example, fingerprinting, string matching, citation detection, vector space model, stylometry etc.

  • Fingerprinting- A fingerprint of a file is actually a unique code that is set by the original document publisher. For example, MD5 fingerprint or hash. It basically converts a huge file into a 32-character fingerprint to define its uniqueness. So, when every content has a unique code, the plagiarism checker has to perform less processing to compare two identical works, which becomes very fast and accurate.
  • String matching- In this method, the tools take a string of text from one document and try to find in different other documents. It requires more resources and more time, especially when you’re checking a gargantuan document. But it’s very useful when the content is not verified or it’s just a blog post.
  • Citation detection- This method only works with academic documents, especially when there are citations mentioned. Because the tool only compares the given citation to the original documents, judging the citation will be the same in both of them.
  • Vector space- This model actually analysis the words and compare it to the original documents. Even if you have heavily re-written the sentence to avoid plagiarism, you still write some of the original phrase or words in the sentence, which initially results in plagiarised content.
  • Stylometry- This method is quite debated, the stylometry refers to comparing the style of the writing to its similarly written content. It tried to detect the person’s unique writing style and compare it to others. Quite unique but also sometimes arguable.

So, that was all about how plagiarism works, now there are various free and paid tools that can check plagiarism of the content in minuscule, so without wasting any more of time lets get going with the top best plagiarism checker that you can use for free.

Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker You Can Use

  1. Smallseotool.com

Plagiarism Checker - A Free Online Plagiarism DetectorThey have some of the best API to detect plagiarism in any content. Although they have 1000 words limit to check plagiarism, it works exceptionally fine. You can upload a document and even copy paste the paragraph to check its authenticity. You can Try it Yourself from Here.

  1. NimTools.com

Screenshot_2018-07-17 Free Plagiarism Checker Online Tool NimToolsThe emerging website offers some exceptional tools to check plagiarism. You just need to copy the content you want to check and the website will do its job. Its processing is fast and the results are shown in second, which is satisfactory. You can Try it Yourself from Here.

  1. Quetext.com

Screenshot_2018-07-17 Plagiarism Checker QuetextThe website with a minimalistic UI has a tremendous potential for checking a plagiarised content. It is beautifully designed and shows results in a much overall sidebar, which definitely looks cool. They also offer premium services, in which you can get the increased word count, deep search, file upload etc. You can Try it Yourself from Here.

  1. Bibme.org

bibme.orgThey offer unique feature along with plagiarism checker, their detection algorithm cannot just detect plagiarised content but can also check grammar mistakes and citation error and even suggest citation for your document. You can Try it Yourself from Here.

  1. Plagiarisma.net

Screenshot_2018-07-17 Plagiarism Checker PlagiarismaTheir tools are free and very precise with plagiarism checking. They don’t just support English but 190 languages, it’s a completely free tool that is fast, reliable and efficient. You can Try it Yourself from Here.


So after all the analysis and trying a different kind of plagiarism tools to check the same content over and over, we have concluded that the smallseotools are the best. They are really the best free plagiarism checker out there and they also offer various other services. However, Nimtools.com the emerging platform has a potential to outgrow some plagiarism checking with its fast analysis and quick results. Although, if you’re looking for a UI overall, you should try quetext.

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