Upgrade your Home Assistant with this talking Buddy Robot

Upgrade your Home Assistant with this talking Buddy Robot

The future of home assistant is here. Its not Google home 2.0 or Echo show or anything, it is something different. Tell me, have you ever imagined the future, maybe had a glimpse of it? Well, I like to have a future where robots like Wall-e exists. Just for the cuteness of it. But seriously, can robots replace home assistant?

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Well, we may have found something that can surely be your first ever home robot. Buddy is a family companion robot, that connects with you like a friend and protects your home when youre away.

How does Buddy Robot work?


Buddy is a very astonishing combination of assistant and robotics. The robot relies on several different sensors to monitor its surroundings. There are 3D cameras and embedded tablet, that works as a display and emotion expression of the robot.

Buddy comes with a charging deck, so whenever your robot is on low battery it will automatically go to the charging deck and charge itself. It is also your personal assistant. It can remind you of the personal task and other messages because it is a next generation assistant. It is integrated with the most common assistant feature that Smart home devices have these days.

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One of the interesting things about Buddy is that it is mobile. That means it can roam around in your house and monitor it. Just like a walking CCTV camera. Even if youre away from your home, you can always see the live streaming footage of your home from Buddys high definition camera. It will also alert you if there is some intrusion.

It can control all of your IoT devices, so whenever it finds that your smart light is unnecessary on. It can turn off it, just like that.


  • Home security, 24×7 security monitor.
  • Smart home controller.
  • Social interaction.
  • Personal assistant.
  • Multimedia playback.
  • Edutainment; can teach kids in a fun way.
  • Eldercare; make sure that the person is taking their medication.

Should I buy it?

Upgrade your Home Assistant with this talking Buddy RobotBuddy robot is a phenomenal companion to have at home. It comes with everything that a social robot should have. A tiny bit of sense of humor, a personal assistant and much more. The part where it gets interesting, that its ability to recognize people and socially interact with them. It is surely a completion for other social robots out there, but in terms of feature, it tops most of them. So, yeah this is the kind of future our coming generation will have.


Since it is a start-up. The device is not available at e-commerce website such as amazon but it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Indegogo.com as well as their official website. The retail price of the device is approx. 700$.

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For more information, click here: https://adoptbuddy.com/en/

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  1. it not just act like a person, it literally makes the faces like one, makes u feel more comfortable with AI robots, awesome!!

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