What is Jailbreaking? Is Jailbreaking Legal or Illegal?

Is Jailbreaking Legal or Illegal

The literal meaning of the word jailbreaking is escaping from jail. But, the thing to ponder upon is that what exactly jailbreaking has to do with iPhone or iOS devices? In an amateur tongue, jailbreaking means breaking from a set of instructions which are imposed by Apple on iPhone. To have a clear understanding of jailbreaking, we must understand Apple’s “Walled Garden” theory.

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Apple’s “Walled Garden” is a closed platform where Apple decides to apply authoritarian control over applications, media and content. Such restrictions or authoritarian control is imposed all over the iOS. Here, the jailbreaking comes into an action. It is the process of escaping from Apple’s “Walled Garden” and removing all the software restrictions imposed by Apple. In more simple words- “Jailbreaking in iOS devices is exactly the same thing as Rooting in Android devices.”

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

Best iPhone Security AppsAgain, does breaking the jail and escaping from it makes you not guilty of crime or offence? No, Right?

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Same is the case when you think to jailbreak your iOS device and you are tensed about its illegality. Let me make this clear for you all. In most of the countries jailbreaking process is legal but according to Apple, jailbreaking an iOS device is not preferred. It can cause security vulnerabilities, instability, shortened battery life and other issues. Apple has even warned their users that installing any sort of hacking software or changing it without authorisation will make them guilty of violating iOS end user agreement.

Is Jailbreaking safe or not?

Spying on iPhone is Not Difficult Anymore,No. Jailbreaking isn’t safe. There is an app store which is an alternative to Apple’s app store often known as Cydia app store. Cydia app store is home to hundreds and thousands of jailbreaking applications. Most of the applications available on this app store are legally unscreened and could potentially contain malicious code that could infect your iOS device.

What if anyone still wants to do Jailbreak?

iPhone X Plus is Coming - Everything We Know AboutIf you’re an advanced user who understands the risk inherited with jailbreaking and you have your own ways to tackle with it, the concept of jailbreaking may not sound that bad.


I certainly hope by now you might all have understood the concept of jailbreaking and the concept about its legality and whether it is safe to use or not. Now, that you understand and have sufficient knowledge about security aspects related to Jailbreaking, you are in a better position to answer whether you should jailbreak your iOS device or not. The decision entirely depends on you.

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