WhatsApp Developing Shortcut To Send View-Once Images And Videos On Latest Beta

WhatsApp Developing Shortcut

You may now send photos and videos to other WhatsApp users that can only be seen once, and the app’s developers are working on an update to the user interface to make sending these messages even simpler. WABetaInfo, a feature tracker for WhatsApp, claims that soon the app would let users easily share a picture or video from their camera roll with only a few clicks. The fact that WhatsApp is developing support for sending various message kinds as view-once messages implies that it may replace traditional methods of sending such communications.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the newest version of WhatsApp beta contains a feature that will allow users to swiftly send a view-once message by clicking and holding the send button instead of touching the “1” symbol in the caption box when transmitting an image or video. Above the send button, users will see a drop-down menu with only one option: Send as view once.

This functionality, which was discovered on the Android beta version of WhatsApp, is not yet available for testing on the most recent beta versions of the program for iOS and Android. The upgrade will likely be sent to beta testers first, before being pushed out to the general public by the corporation. Currently, only photos and videos may be sent as view-once messages; GIFs are not allowed.

If you have opted in to receive beta updates, you will see a notification pop up above the send button in WhatsApp’s image/video sending preview once the functionality is released to beta testers. Press and hold to send as a view once message shows. WABetaInfo suggests following this with the choice to Send as view once.

The “1” symbol in the caption area may be removed if the feature tracker is correct and WhatsApp’s view once feature is updated to the new design. Previous reports have indicated that the corporation is aiming to expand view-once message capability to include audio (voice notes) and text messages.

A recent rumor claims that WhatsApp has started testing a new feature that would let users create stickers using AI. Stickers may be created on the spot when users enter phrases like “cat laughing on a skateboard” into the app’s prompt box. The feature tracker also reveals that WhatsApp Web now supports password protection for user conversations.

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