Zebronics And Skyesports Masters Form India’s Largest Esports League


For an exciting gaming event in Mumbai with a staggering Rs. 2 Crores in prize money, Zebronics, a major Indian brand in IT & Gaming Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, and lifestyle devices, has partnered up with Skyesports Masters, one of India’s first franchised Esports leagues. Gamers from all around the United States will be gathering for this event.

The Indian esports market is growing at a quick clip, and this collaboration between Zebronics and Skyesports Masters will set a new standard. It will be India’s largest gaming tournament to date, with eight of the greatest CS:GO teams participating over the course of many weeks in Mumbai in a regular season and play-offs for a prize fund of Rs. 2,00,00,000/-.

Fans will have plenty of chances to try out games from Zebronics’ impressive library throughout the convention.

“We are quite exhilarated about the collaboration with Skyesports for their event,” said Mr. Yash Doshi, Director at Zebronics. It’s called the Skyesports Masters, and it fits in well with our plan to provide a platform for Indian gamers to improve their skills. We anticipate a fantastic road ahead, filled with opportunities to connect with the gaming community on a wide variety of platforms and to provide them with innovative, feature-rich gaming peripherals. Together, as an incredible Esports Combo, our relationship with Skyesports will be a huge step forward since we both care deeply about seeing the gaming industry thrive.

This unprecedented partnership will bring together the premier esports league in India and the country’s most popular peripherals and accessories business.

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