Zhiyun Smooth 2 Review – Best Stabilizer for any Phone


So, this is a review of a product which is a bit different. This product help you to capture professional videos without any shake and jerks. This is a 3 Axis Gimbal or we can say a 3 way motorized self balancing stabilizer for your smartphones or action cameras. We are testing this product from past couple of weeks and take my word i am addicted to it. This ZhiYun handheld gimbal Smooth 2, which is the latest launch from them for smartphone stabilizers has a way lot which we want while shooting. ZhiYun Smooth 2 is device that can  holds a smartphone steady even after your hand is shaky or you are moving the phone will stay at its place.


So, first coming to the un-boxing part, you will get almost all necessary accessories with package.

  1. Addition wait for lasrger device.
  2. Charging Cable
  3. Battery

Rest you can also watch our un-boxing video fro detailed info:



Now coming to the setup part it is pretty simple if you are having a device with the screen size of 4.7″ to 5″ you just need to directly place the phone into the holder and just long press the on button, which will wake up the stabilizer to work.

If your batteries are not inserted, before plunging the phone first open up the base normally and insert the battery in stabilizer. Once everything is ready just open up the camera app in your phone and start shooting your shots and this time your phone will stay pretty steady in any way space.

I have also attached a video where i have tested the stabilizer with different phones like :Zenfone 3, coolpad Note 3, Oneplus 3 and leEco le2

And to my surprise this stabilizers do infact awesome job, for what it is being made. There is a Micro Usb Port on the Smooth 2 for charging. it takes about 1 hour to charge 100% and after that it can easily work for more than 2 to 3 hours. it depends on your work and shoots.
While continuous use it get little bit warm, may be because of continuously holding it or it can due to continuously using it.

Controlling Focus

This time they have also deigned there camera App for your desired phone. So, what is especial in this app. Using this app your Stabilizer will connect directly to the phone via bluetooth and there is a specific button on stabilizer which will control the focus of the phone while shooting from single handed. This is most amazing feature which is being used while shooting some great shots.



Smooth 2 also has 3 different modes in its joystick this time. to change the mode you need to press the joystick single, twice, thrice and it will take you to your desired mode. Rest what mode you want to use depends on you how you want to make it work. Like :

Mode 1 : Where you have locked the gimbal on one point and no matter where ever you move your hand it will stay calm there only with no shake and jerk.

Mode 2 : In this mode you can take pans shots from top to down and down to top and they are incredibly smooth. If you love taking pan shots than by using this you wont be needing any tripod anymore.

Mode 3 : This modes make make stabiler move freely. By using the joystick you can take Pan shots in any direction.


  1. Wireless control and focus using Remote (Zhiyun Remote) or using App.
  2. Charge Stabilizer on the Go using Powerbank
  3. Use Stabilizer even while it is on use.
  4. Plug the stabilizer on tripod and control the stabilizer using Zhiyun Remote wirelessly.
  5. Full Metal Construction


After using it for couple of weeks, i just love it. It makes my Video shooting experience to the next level. Now, i can easily take pan shots and other shots without and shakes and jerks.

If you love shooting videos and can spend enough for this professional stabilizers then this awesome tech is for you.

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