4 Great DropBox Alternatives


Dropbox is a great way to save you data online and make sure your files are always close to you, no matter where you are. You can use it on your desktop, your office computer, your laptop, even your tablet or smartphone. Besides cloud storage, it offers file synchronization and does everything a file hosting service needs to do. However, not all people like Dropbox and some users decide to stop using it after a while due to the lack of storage space or some other reason. That is why they need an elegant, efficient and fast cloud storage system as a replacement – and here are some that might be perfectly suitable.

One Drive to Rule them All

Whether you use a computer or a smartphone, as long as it runs on Microsoft Windows, you will be able to use OneDrive. The perk of this system is that uploading files onto it requires literally two seconds of your time and no more than three clicks on your mouse, touch pad or phone screen.


With 15 GB of free storage space, you will be able to upload a bunch of documents, pictures, videos, music files and everything in between. Moreover, with a single Microsoft account, you can view your data from different devices, which is especially great for people who travel a lot. However, even though OneDrive allows you to create and edit files on the cloud, it still does not handle sharing and sorting them as elegantly as other systems.

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Drive Me to Google

Since Google is known to be your friend, Google has a storage space ready for you any time you need it. Associated with Google account and your Gmail service, Google Drive is an elegant and popular way to store your data. It also allows you to edit and share your files, which is quite helpful when two or more people work on the same document – they can all edit it at the same time!

Google Drive

Google Drive provides you with 15 GB of space as well and you can use it for free, but it includes a paid version as well. While it is highly unlikely that you will use all your storage space, especially if you do not upload large video files onto your Google Drive account, you can still buy more space – and keep in mind that the prices became quite low in 2014.

Dial P for Perfect Cloud

Keeping your files and data safe and secure is more than important in this day and age, and, unfortunately, uploading them onto a cloud does not always guarantee that. That is why cloud services that offer extra protection are gaining popularity – and for a reason!


For example, if you choose pCloud, you will get not only more free storage space than anywhere else – up to 20 GB! – but also additional protection and security. By using unique and unhackable encryption software, pCloud makes sure that your personal files remain personal and that nobody but you accesses your sensitive data.

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Amazing Amazon, to the Rescue!

In 2011, Amazon realized the potential of cloud storage and decided to join the game. That is why they created Amazon Cloud Drive, their own web storage that offers you significantly less free space than most of its competitors – only 5 GB – but counts on your sentimentality.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Those who shop at Amazon on a daily basis and use Kindle are likely to opt for Amazon Cloud Drive too and have all aspects of their life at one place. This drive can be accessed from multiple devices and its automatic back-up system allows you to reach the pictures uploaded from your phone even if you lose or stop using it.

Other Options

Of course, these are not the only options you have – there are many Dropbox alternatives available, so you can pick the one that suits you the most. But do not forget security: it is just as important as the amount of storage space certain cloud systems offers.

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