165+ Best 120FPS Android Games 2020 with 120Hz Display

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Games are our companion in solitude, especially in these tough times when everyone is sitting at home and doing their bit to stay safe. Yes, it is very much true that the gaming industry has changed after the world-wide lockdown, but it has also paved the way to new sort of online gaming. Gamers have broken through their tradition skills set and now demand a higher competitive digital platform. Thankfully technology is catching up with the high demand.

A couple of years ago if you have heard that you could be able to play your favourite RPG game at 120 Hz refresh rate in a mobile device, it would have been a joke. But thanks to technology, it is now possible to delve into a 120 Hz game in your smartphone. These multiplayer games are absolutely crazy-stupid-games, but trust me when I say this, that they are going to change the way you experience gaming in your smartphone.

So, if you have a smartphone, that has a 120 Hz refresh rate you’re at the right place because we have compiled a list of all the games you can play at 120 fps. They range from RPG to Arcade to Board and deliver a higher response time while playing any game. So, without further a due, check out our list of Best 120FPS Android Games.

Best 120fps Android Games List

Game Maximum Frame Rate support
1945 Air Forces  120fps
Ace Force: Joint Combat  120fps
Airline Commander –  a real flight experience  120fps
Ancestor  120fps
Alto’s Adventure  120fps
Alto’s Odyssey  120fps
Armajet  120fps
Arena of Valor  120fps (new entry)
ARK: Survival Evolved  120fps (new entry)
Arma Mobile Ops  120fps (new entry)
Assassins Creed Rebellion  120fps
Auto Chess  120fps
Badland Brawl  120fps
Ballz  120fps
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!  120fps
Batman: The Enemy Within  120fps
Battlejack: Blackjack RPG  120fps (new entry)
Battlelands Royale  120fps
Bendy in Nightmare Run  120fps
Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness Action RPG  120fps
Blades of Brim  120fps
Bleach Brave Souls  120fps
Boggle With Friends: Word Game  120fps
Bombastic Brothers  120fps
Bomb Squad  120fps
Brawl Stars  90fps
Breakneck  120fps
Bullet Force  120fps
Bullet League  120fps
Bullet Hell Monday  120fps (new entry)
Bust-A-MoveJourney 120fps  (new entry)
Card Thief  120fps
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars  120fps
Chameleon Run  120fps
Chicken Jump  120fps
Chilly Snow 2  120fps
Cover Fire  120fps
CSR Racing 2  120fps
Ceres M  120fps (new entry)
Dead Target – Offline Zombie Shooter  120fps
Dead Trigger 2  120fps
Deer Hunter 2018  120fps
Deus Ex Go  120fps
Dokdo  120fps
Don’t Starve  120fps
Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked  120fps
DOTA Underlords  120fps
Dub Dash  120fps
Durango: Wild lands  120fps
Epic Battle Simulator  120fps
Epic Battle Simulator 2  120fps
Eternium  120fps
Falling Ballz  120fps
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition  120fps
Flaming Core  120fps
Frag Pro Shooter  120fps
FZ9 Timeshift  120fps
Gear.Club – True Racing  120fps
Golf Clash  120fps
Golf Star  120fps
Grimvalor  120fps
Groove Coaster 2  120fps
Grow Kingdom  120fps
Heart Star  65fps
Hill Climb 2  120fps
Hitman Go  120fps
Injustice 2  120fps
Into Mirror  120fps
Into the Dead  120fps
King Of Sails : Royal Navy  120fps
Lara Croft Go  120fps
Lara Croft: Relic Run  120fps
Legendary: Game of Heroes  120fps
Lemmings: Puzzle Adventure  120fps
Magic Rampage  120fps
Man or Vampire  120fps
Marvel Contest of Champions  120fps
MaskGun Multiplayer FPS  120fps
Minecraft  120fps
Minecraft Earth  120fps
Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival  120fps
Mini Metro  120fps
Modern OPS  120fps
Mortal Kombat  120fps
Nonstop Knight 2  120fps
Oceanhorn  120fps (new entry)
Oddmar  120fps
OK Golf  120fps
Pac-Man  120fps
Pac-Man 256  120fps
PAC-MAN Pop  120fps
Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox  120fps
Perfect Slices  120fps
Pinout  70fps
Pixel Gun 3D  120fps
Plague Inc  120fps
Pumped BMX 3  120fps
Raystrom 120fps (new entry)
Rayman Adventures  120fps
Real Racing 3  120fps
Rebel Inc  120fps
Riptide GP: Renegade  120fps
Robot Warfare  100fps
Rocket Sky  120fps
Rope Hero  120fps
Sandballs  120fps
Shadow Fight 2  120fps
Shadow Fight 3  120fps
Shadowgun Legends  120fps
Shadowmatic  120fps
Shining Force Classics  120fps
SimCity BuildIt  70fps
Skullgirls  120fps
Smashing Rush  120fps
Sonic Dash  120fps
Sonic Dash 2  120fps
Sonic the Hedgehog Classic  120fps
Soul Knight  120fps
Space Armada: Galaxy Wars  120fps
Space Commander  120fps
Space Jet: Space ships galaxy game  120fps
Star Forces: Space Shooter  70fps
Stick War: Legacy  120fps
Streets of Rage 2 Classic  120fps
Subdivision Infinity  120fps
Subway Surfers  120fps
Summoners War  120fps
Super Samurai Rampage  120fps
Temple Run 2  120fps
The Silent Age  120fps
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival  120fps
The Wolf Among Us  120fps
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery  120fps
Toon Blast  120fps
Traffic Rider  120fps
Trials Frontier  120fps
UNKILLED: Zombie FPS Shooting  120fps
Vainglory  120fps
Vendetta Online  120fps
Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf  120fps
Wonder Tactics  120fps
WWE: Champions 2019  120fps
Zen Pinball  100fps
DOTA Underlords 60 120fps.
The Wolf Among Us  120fps
Bomb Squad  120fps
Smashing Rush  120fps
Brawl Stars  90fps
Minecraft Earth  120fps
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!  120fps
Into Mirror  120fps
Magic Rampage  120fps
Blades of Brim  120fps
The Silent Age  120fps
Arma Mobile Ops  120fps
Batman The Enemy Within 120fps
Blade Z Plus  120fps (Arcade)
Bullet Hell Monday  120fps (Arcade)
Fast Like a Fox  120fps (Adventure)
Ceres M  120fps (Role Playing )
Mekorama  120fps (Puzzle)
Modern Combat Versus  120fps (FPS)
MR Bow  120fps (Arcade)
Photon Strike  120fps (Arcade)

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