What is TORRENT? How It WORKS? Is it Legal to DOWNLOAD?

TORRENTS - We know that you have heard this term a lot. It automatically gives you a glimpse of pirated movies, music and games....

[Exclusive Report] 5G in India: The Untold Story (2020)

Talking about technology should be a piece of cake for tech-bloggers like me, but for 5G it’s not. And simply because these are not...

What is Libra Currency? Is it Safe to Invest?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest opportunities for investor out there. Facebook recently announced two different coins  The second one doesn't get much attention...
In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology

What is In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology? How it Works?

Technology is a never-ending game. After using face unlock, eye scanner, PINs and patterns we have moved on to In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology. Nowadays,...
Fuchsia OS - Future of Android

What is Fuchsia OS? Is Fuchsia OS the Future?

Fuchshia is one of the newest or the hottest entry in the operating system market. Why it is in so many rumours, and what...
Things to know about NFC

Things to know about NFC? Is it really Important?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication which is a wireless communication technology with so many new devices, from smartphones and tablets to notebooks and...
Smartphone Camera: Triple Camera

Things to know about Smartphone Camera: Triple Camera, Is it better?

Nowadays, lots of high-end smartphones have added multiple camera modules and lenses to the back of their smartphone, obviously for better photography. This triple...
Screenshot_2018-07-17 Plagiarism Checker Quetext

What is Plagiarism? Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker 2019

The concept of plagiarism comes way back from kindergarten, yeah! The year when we use to copycat our friend’s assignment. It was easy back...

What is Rooting on Android? Is it Safe? Advantages and Disadvantages

Rooting is a concept which all smartphones users, specifically the android one would have definitely heard sometime. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we are...
What is Tor Browser

What is Tor Browser? Is it Safe to use it as my Default browser?

You'll be amazed to know that only 4% of the web is accessible to us and the remaining is the part of the deep...
What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work? How to Get Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency maintained by a group of volunteer coders. It is originated in 2008 from a paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto...

What is “Image Stabilization” in Smartphone Camera? – EIS, AIS and OIS

Okay, so Image stabilizations. That’s the topic this time. You see image stabilization is just another camera feature that simplifies your camera experience by...