Fossil introduces new smartwatches, fitness trackers for the Indian market


The Fossil Group is a known brand of classic and trendy watches; they have been in the market for a very long time. Fossil has taken a further step into the world of wearables; smartwatches. Today the company launched their first smartwatch and wearable hybrid products. Fossil has introduced a unique range of devices of which six are their brands like – Fossil Q, Michael Kors Connected, Chaps, Emporio Armani, Skagen connected and Misfit. The company is focused on creating an executive set of device, which have a verity of designs and at the same time they should be a symbol of haute couture.

The company is also having its focus on some hybrid watches and fitness band. All the devices will be fashion friendly and updated in tech. The smart wearable will have some unique features, with extensive range or product fossil is all set to try their hand on the tech industry.

Preliminary, fossil has launched six wearable devices.


Misfit had extensive their list of product and added two new devices, Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Ray. Both the devices are trendy and stylish and have the classic smartwatch features, such as tracking sensor, notification alert, and much more. The devices are priced at 7,495 INR.

Fossil Q watches:


Fossil Q watches have launched, The Q wander and Q Marshal. Both the smartwatch has a touchscreen panel built in a steel case and trendy leather straps, these devices can give up to a day of power. These devices have an interchangeable strap availability. So, you’ll never get out of fashion. Both the devices are truly compatible with iOS and Android and are available in Indian market at the price of 21,995 and 22,595 INR.

Michael Kors:


Michael Kors is a popular brand of fashionable products and sportswear. The company is now stepping in the world of tech by launching the Michael Kors Access. The design is based on the famous Bradshaw and Dylan styles. The device has a customizable display so that you can transform your look of the device every day. The device is rocking with the features like voice activation, display faces, wireless charging, activity tracker and much more. Bradshaw and Dylan’s access are available at the price of 25,995 and 29,495 INR.



Skagen is a lifestyle brand, which is inspired by some of the Danish designs. The company will debut their first smartwatch and wearable technology line. The devices are Hagen connected hybrid smart watches and a Skagen connected activity tracker. The devices have a simple design and classical design, which is implemented with the cutting age touchingly of today. The devices are focused to be a trendy and tech savvy. The collections are priced at 14,295 – 15,495 INR.

Emporio Armani:


Emporio Armani is a collective brand of the men and women fashion lifestyles. The Emporio Armani watches are a symbol of modern shapes and materials with balanced and classic styles. The company has launched their smartwatch collections with the Italian styles and trendy fashion designs, and the devices are available in different color option from black, gold, gunmetal, stainless steel all the device have a robust design and very stylish premium look. The devices are priced between 17,495 to 27,995 INR.


The Chaps connected hybrid smart watches are perfect and budget friendly, they are stylish; they are built with the premium metal finish, a classic, fashionable strap. The device offers all the tech features from the sensor to alert slider, alert notification and much more. The device is priced between 9,995 to 10,495 INR.

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