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How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Taking screenshots is not a hectic task anymore in mac, it’s just a question of how to get the job done. If you have just switched from Microsoft windows then you might find it a little bit difficult to copy-cat the same shortcut key for screenshots. So, don’t worry it’s as easy as it is on windows, although you might have to increase your library and memorise new shortcut key for OS X for now on.

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There are many ways to How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac but we will talk about the keyboard shortcuts at first since they are very easy to memorise and are hassle free in terms of technique.

Command + Shift + 3

FonePaw MacMasterWell, this shortcut key combination will capture the entire screen. It also saves the image file in the default format to your Mac.

Command + Shift + 4

This shortcut combination will capture a particular segment of the screen and save it in your Mac as an image. This combination will make your mouse pointer into a crosshair, so just click and drag and select the proper area to take a screenshot.

Command + Control + Shift + 4 + Space + Click the window

common-Mac-OS-problemsIf the area of screenshot is an application windows itself, then your shortcut may change slightly. So, when the cursor turns corsairs, don’t drag the mouse instead press the Space key and then click the window that you want to capture.

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