Make your Comfort Zone😌 anywhere with Evapolar 2 Air Conditioner

Evapolar 2 Air Conditioner

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like to leave their comfort zone? What if I can say, you can take your comfort zone with you. Yeah, like mobile. The Evapolar Air conditioner has taken mobility to next level, now you can take your comfort zone wherever you want, whenever you want. How cool!

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How Evapolar works?

The Evapolar is a simple device. It has a small removable water tank, which you need to fill and connect it to the power supply. In 10 minutes the cartridge will absorb the water. Then it spreads equally on the surface of the cooling pads. And then the fan blow air through the cooling pad, giving you perfect cooling environment.

The device also comes with their own, Evapolar evaporation technology. Which is basically a nano-material evaporative pad. The pads prevent bacteria from spreading via air and also absorb much water compare to the normal cartridge.

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The device is an energy efficient air conditioner, that takes only 10W of electricity. It is also integrated with the dedicated Evapolar, so you’re always in control of your room temperature and the environment you’re in.

Why should I buy it?

The product is simple but unique. It is compact so you take it out whenever you want. So, if you’re planning that camping trip with your kids, it’s the perfect device to have with. The device also has a good battery backup and can be used as a power bank for your smartphone and laptop. And because it uses the natural evaporative cooling techniques, you’ll always feel like in between nature itself.


Since it is a start-up. The device is not available at e-commerce website such as amazon but it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from The retail price of the device is 179$.

Pre-order here

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