Money Transfer using Twitter Account

Transfer Money using Twitter Account

Have you ever thought that you will able to transfer the money from twitter ?? Our very own ICICI bank with millions and millions of...

Mouse-Box PC Inside a Mouse

Disregard assembling a superior mouse trap, shouldn't we think about a superior mouse? On the other hand to make it a stride further, a...
whatsapp web

Whats App now Available on your Desktops

Ta-da!!!!!!  Our very own life line whatsapp with over 700 million monthly active users and the fact that we've come to rely on the...

Whatsapp Ban Users For Using Third Party Apps

Whatsapp has banned a few clients for 24 hours in light of the fact that they abused the application's 'terms of administration' by utilizing...

MEGA file-sharing app now available for Windows Phone

With such turbulent past, the organization is quick to push the lawfulness of the administration, also is protection and security. The information being transferred...
Top 5 Tools for Live tracking website in 2015

Top 5 Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking in 2015

Real-time visitor tracking tools have been popping up ever since 2007. Therefore there are Many Websites which are giving the live tracking services .Here...
ISP unblocked in inida

Indian Government Unblock 32 Websites in India

The government ordered unblocking of 32 websites as according to the report these websites were used by terrorists. Director-General of Indian Computer Emergency Response...
tata sky logo

Tata Sky With 4k Resolution is Finally Here

hey guys finally after the release of 4k TV's the wait for4k set up box are over as finally the TATA Sky is here...
Android Hacks

Top Android Apps for Hacking

Here we have in no particular order the top Android apps for hacking using an android smartphone. Disclaimer: These apps should be used for research purposes...

What is Android Rooting? Is it Safe?

What Is Android Rooting? You must have heard about iPhone jailbreak. Rooting is jail-breaking for Androids which allows users to do anything they want to...
Xiaomi Ultra Thin Flagship

Xiaomi to Launch Ultra Thin Flagship in Mid January

Xiaomi will be holding an event at the Beijing National Convention Center on January 15 at 2 PM where it's expected to launch its...

Downloadable ISO for Windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed that its next Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available to download as an ISO. Current releases have been seeded through...

ASUS Zenphone 2 Unveiled

finally the CES 2015 is here with a bang of new gadget and new technology which going to bash the market soon. Firslty the Zenfone...
How to enable Google Now In android 4.4

How to enable Google Now in Nepal and other countries

How to enable Google Now  in Nepal and other countries In Android 4.4 (Solve - Google Location reporting not available in your region problem) Google...