Spotify: The Music Streaming War Continues…

Spotify: The Music Streaming War Continues... 1

Streaming war in India is at its peak, not just Indian but foreign corporations are equally participating to get a minute share of the digital market. There are far fewer facts to tell what is happening and what may happen in this battle of digital space, but one thing is clear, data comes at a price tag. I’m sure you’re well aware of the recent event that I’m talking about, the Spotify’s entry in India. Is it serious competition for Indian music streaming giants like Ganna or Jio Saavn? Or is it just another corporation pitching some fancy deal to make the Indian data consumers pay for music? You be the judge.

Do I make sense here?


You see, whenever these sorts of event happen, there are two factors. First, money & premium service and second why should I pay. Honestly speaking, even I ask that question to myself, why am I paying for Netflix, when I can simply download the movie from torrent for free? The answer is quite simple, easiness, except that there is no other way to put this in perspective. Some people might tell you that they don’t support piracy and I respect their ideology, but sometimes their own ideology comes into question when an episode of Game of Thrones is leaked online. Yes, I just did that.

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You may find paying for a particular premium service beneficial at some point, but at the same time your friend is using other free means and enjoying that same service, so why should you be the bait here? Why should you pay for a service that is mostly free? Do you care about the music that is being played in your expensive speaker when you’re taking a sip of your morning tea? Do you tell everyone that you paid for the music? NO, nobody does that.

Let’s talk about competition.

I’m sure many of you are the free subscriber of services like Gaana, Jio Saavn and Wynk. I myself use Wynk music for no apparent reason whatsoever, the only complimentary feature I get as an Airtel user is, I can download offline music, obviously at a cost of some ads that usually play after 4 to 5 songs. And that is okay, I get high-quality 320kpbs music and unlimited offline download at a mere cost of ads. I’m fine with it.

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BUT when I look at other music streaming platforms like Gaana and JioSaavn I feel disappointment, not because of their music library or app, but because of feature like an offline download that has become a necessity. But I and you should not judge these apps on the basis of some additional feature, as far as I know, Wynk music is providing offline download to only its airtel user. And let’s just agree that not all of you are airtel customer. So, what other users are doing here?

By the way, I’m just talking about these few local service providers, I’m not even considering tech giants like Apple Music, Prime Music and Google Play Music. And the reason is they are very up above in this streaming game, only because of their vast music library. On the fact side, they don’t even capture the music streaming market that much compare to the local providers. The general public is either using Gaana, JioSaavn or Wynk Music. That’s why I’m sceptical about Spotify dominance on Indian Streaming Market. Will you pay that much for music? Will Spotify introduce extra feature just for India?

Spotify is serious about India.


I think they just did. The premium subscription of Spotify costs a whopping 9.99 USD/month (700 approx. INR) in the US but it cost only 129 INR/month in India. There is no change in the catalogue, there is no restriction on music listening, you’ll use the same User Interface that a subscriber in the United States will use. My point is, why? Why Spotify has introduced this plan? Is it especially for India? Or is it a new subscription package for all the world? Nobody knows, not even me.

With this new scheme, it’s positive that Spotify is serious to set their foot in the Indian market. And they should be, a population like India where almost everyone owns a smartphone, it’s a golden opportunity.

My thoughts

I can’t say anything at this time. Spotify seems very serious about India, I mean no company in their good mind would reduce their subscription plan, even Netflix didn’t do it. What we do know that Spotify is shaking hands with Indian music companies like T-series, Sony etc. and also with some Independent artist but let’s just wait. Let the Indian Consumer subscribe to the 13 INR/day plan, whatever the hell is that plan though. That was my time folks, stay tuned for the next update.

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