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So Finally after Voice calling which was just integrated to Whatsapp on there android platform last month, and on Iphone’s it was launched this week only. Voice calling features was liked by everyone as most of the population are now a days using whatsapp and it is really very easy to call and be in contact using whatsapp.

So after launching the voice calling Facebook the owner of whatsapp are going to integrate video calling on the whatsapp which is again going to be a very useful feature and it may going to replace Skype from the smart devices. If it comes In may, which it can be, it is going to give a very tough competition to Skype and other video calling services which are there in the market like Hangout, Skype etc.

As Facebook has invested a huge amount of money to take Whatsapp and to gain a large number of audience using it they are going to use it with every new aspect and Facebook messenger is going to integrate whatsapp in it.

Facebook messenger is also now on Facebook web messenger just like whatsapp web which is very useful feature who just don’t want to use there phone for chatting other purpose rather they enjoy chatting while typing on a PC keyboard.

A recent report by The Rem claims that WhatsApp is all sent to roll out free WhatsApp video calling feature in May. According to the report, messaging app has already out a trail version for WhatsApp employees.

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This unannounced feature will be initially available to selected Android users which are actually the employees of the company and may be in the near future it is going to be available to all the other devices.

So, what do you guys think about whatsapp video calling. Please do share your views in the comment.

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