LeEco Super3 X55 4k TV Review – Best in the Price?


LeEco, the company who makes their presence by shaking the smartphone market in the previous year and now there are back again with the bang of a trio. They have launched their television with some incredible disruptive pricing.

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Television in India is a big thing; it is not like a smartphone which people change on regular basis. Buying a television is a decision taken by the whole family, as these days still many families are having single Television in their home so that all the family members come across each other and enjoy programs, movies with each other. But again some questions arises while taking the decision? The budget. It is the primary thing which a family thinks before making a purchase decision. Everyone wants to buy the largest screen that fits in the there room as well as their budget, but we need to consider refresh rates, response times, contrast ratio and many other things. But these are not useful for a regular user, but wait if you are paying the amount you should get the maximum with least amount.

So, let’s start with LeEco Super3 X55 Television:



The display which we get with X55 Model is almost the bezels take my words it looks stunning. The Display is packed up with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and is a 4K UHD screen which gives you the overall brightness of 350 nits. Coming to the viewing angles, they are awesome they will make you a healthy span that span of 178 degrees and every minimal color loss from very sharp downside edge. The X55 uses RGB palette which reproduces images on the display. When we combine all these things what we get is more vivid colors on the screen, better darkness on black and original colors which we miss on Samsung Panel because of over saturation.



The X-55 is one of the most best-designed television, because of its impressive looking cloud base and negotiable bezel which is present. Coming to the built the frame of x55 TV is made up of high-quality Aluminium, which is almost borderless, even there is only one joint in the full frame which is just amazing. The placement of all the ports is so easy and convenient to access by anyone. You got three ports for HDMI 2.0, two ports for USB(USB3.0+USB2.0), 1 for Optical Audio output, 1 for SD card, 1 for VGA, Direct LAN port and AV input. All of these slots placed on the right and bottom sides of the rear panel, and they are quite easy to reach even if the TV is on a wall.


Coming to the Left-hand aspect of the rear panel you will get all the buttons using which we can access the TV, if by chance were not able to find the remote to the TV, and we all know these buttons are never going to use by anyone. They would be just the second backup if we lost our remote.


We can enjoy this size of television when the audio quality of the TV is also giving some insane quality. The X55 has a maximum output of 20W split up into 10W X 2, and they are being powered by Dolby as well as with DTS Premium surround which makes them sound impressive. X55 is also being loaded up with 3D surround sound which switches between different modes as per your usage. But when we experience it, I feel a little bit lack of bass, which we need to cover by adding Soundbar to make it a perfect combo.


Coming to the UI part of X55 Smart TV it is based on the Android 5.0 and as always like EUI it is being designed well. But here is one drawback with it, that there is no access to google play store, which makes us dependent on LeStore or we need to side load the APK.

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When we load YouTube Application we are unable to stream 4K but using a Cast mirror system, we can run 4K YouTube from our phones. Apart from it the UI is pretty neatly designed; the layout of the screen is divided into three parts: 

1) Live TV

2) App

3) Input Source

Smart Remote


Coming to the innovative smart remote which we get with the TV itself. There are many impressive features which we in the Remote and the best of them I have selected two:

  1. You can control the TV, using the remote in any direction it is not required you need to face the remote sensor towards the TV, it will be used in any direction which I loved the most.
  2. Another one is the feature of Air Mouse, and you can use the Remote as a mouse and it accurate too. I just like using air mouse in the TV which ultimately make doing all the navigation too easy for anyone.

There is also a voice command button but unfortunately, it is not entirely working with this remote but After a new update the mic in the remote is working, you can record your Voice by pressing the mic button. But still, proper voice control is not there yet.

Premium Membership

The X55 comes pre-loaded with a two year of premium subscription, which after expiring will cost you about Rs 4500 a year. This subscription will give you the access to 150+ live channels and 4000+ HD movies using EROS NOW.

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If you want to buy a New 4K Tv this season, then this one is meant for you. No other company is offering such big thing at this price. The X55 is a great buy because of its brilliant display, design and the premium subscription that comes with the TV. So if you want a smart TV in your house to go for it.

You can buy LeEco 4k TVs from:-

  • LeEco Super3 55x TV (Rs 59,789)- Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x TV (Rs 99,789)  – Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x Max TV (Rs 149,789) – Buy Now

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