9 Best Playstation Emulators for Android 2020

Best Playstation Emulators for Android Free-Pro-PS2-Emulator-2-Best-PlayStation-emulator-for-Android

Most of the time, it happens that we want to play classic games, and it is usually impossible or expensive to get your hands on an old game that you desire to play again. To ease this problem, the emulation comes into action. Sony launched the PlayStation Classic in 2018, but it only came with 20 games, and it is not capable of running anything beyond that selection.

So if you want to play a game that’s not on the list, you can download Emulators that give you access to the complete library of PlayStation games, letting you play all the greatest games the old system had to offer.  In this article, we have listed 10 emulators for Android, do check them out!

Best Playstation Emulators for Android


1. Classic Boy (32- Bit) Game Emulator


This emulator is an all in one retro games emulator that comes with gesture controllers for devices with not so standard configurations.  This emulator runs on PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and on many other platforms. This application leads to gestures mapping into a game controller using calibration; which makes it very useful for controlling arcade games.

The emulator even features 8 swipe directions that can be detected on each side of the screen and each one can be mapped to one key of the game. Moreover, besides the gestures controller, the emulator even supports the accelerometer sensor for a character. The calibration console is also provided for fine adjustment of tilt parameters. However, only the full version of the application comes loaded with gestures/sensor controller.

2. ePSXe for Android


This emulator can be purchased from Playstore for Rs. 209.13/- Using this application, you can play all your favourite PlayStation games on your Android device. This emulator offers very high compatibility, excellent speed, apt sound, and it comes with a virtual touch screen pad support, hardware buttons mapping, and analogue sticks.

It is precisely designed for smartphones and tablets, (for 1-4 players) including a fun 2 players option with split-screen mode and it even supports ARM and Intel Atom X86. ePSXe supports HD enhanced graphics, cheat codes, savestates, and memcards compatibility with the PC version.

3. FPse for Android Devices


You can get this emulator from Playstore for Rs.196.77/- It is one of the best and smoothest PSone Emulator available now.  It can easily display all PSone games in high resolution by using OpenGL, which gives outstanding graphics. The emulator features a fantastic interface that automatically scans your local storage, and finds PlayStation games, and automatically displays the covers of the games as well.  The emulator is capable of operating on any devices, even very low on a device can make FPse running correctly, on the newer device you have huge improvement compare to initial results.

It is compatible with the G-Sensor, the Touchscreen, and the devices’ buttons. It comes with loaded features that include automatic cheat’s codes search engine, autofire with many frequencies, and you can either compress a game individually or all games in one pass by using the feature free_disk_space.

4. PS2 Emulator – DamonPS2


EmuBox is a new all-in-one Android emulator that runs all your old game ROMs, and it features an NDS emulator, PSX emulator, GBA emulator, GBC emulator, ES emulator. Mudbox is the first multi-emulator with Material Design, and it supports up to 20 save slots for each room. By using this emulator, you can take a game screvenshot anytime you want. Moreover, you can play with the external.

5. RetroArch


RetroArch is an open-source project that makes use of Libretro, a powerful development interface. This application is a multi-versatile program that means that for it to do anything, you need modular programs that we call ‘cores’. You can download cores from within the app. Just go to “Online Updater -> Core Updater” from within the app. The RetroArch emulator provides its own built-in collection of applications and is hence the ‘one-stop-shop’ for entertainment for everyone.

RetroArch comes with amazing features that include eye-candy menus to choose from, allows you to scan directories and add them to game collections. You can also view database information about each game once added to a collection, you can download programs (‘cores’) online, features built-in input remapping, provides the ability to remap controls, offers the ability to enter and load cheats, and there is no restriction on usage.



This emulator comes with a quite confusing User Interface. Despite the complicated interface, it is the most powerful emulator that produces the best graphics out there, and the controller layout is highly responsive as well. At the start, you may have to put some efforts to set things up, but once done, this emulator certainly gives the other competitors on this list a run for their money. You can download it for free from Playstore.

7. Free Pro PS2 Emulator 2


This is the fastest PS2 Emulator for Android, and it was developed to emulate PS2 games on your Android Phones. This emulator is capable of running a lot of games, and also the latest PS2 games, but it rest on the power of your device (configuration of your device).

 The application features a guide for a PS2 emulator to show to you how you could get free PS2 games, allows you to play PS2 games on your Android device, with high definition and extra features, and each game is adapted to your device and has a handy control interface. Moreover, to play with this play station portable emulator, you just need a PS2 iso image of the PS2 game, and you can always continue from where you left off. It is capable of running more than 90% of PlayStation games, and you can use your android device just like a real play station console.

8. PS2 Emulator Games For Android: Platinum Edition

PS2 Emulator Games For Android-Best-PlayStation-emulator-for-Android

This is one of the fastest PS2 Emulators for Android it was developed to emulate PS2 games on your Android Phones. This emulator can run a lot of games, and also the latest PS2 games, but again it depends on the power of your device, and it is free to play all your favourite games on PS2. It allows you to easily save and load your game state and has a handy control interface. It is not based on PSP sources and can run more than 90% of PlayStation games. The app allows you to use your android device just like a real play station console.

9. Free PS2 Emulator 2019

Free PS2 Emulator 2019-Best-PlayStation-emulator-for-AndroidFree PS2 Emulator 2019 is an Android Emulator for PS2 that allows you to play PS2 games for free on android devices with high graphic quality. It is loaded with excellent features like; it will enable you to play PS2 games on your Android device, with high definition and additional features, it supports NEON Acceleration + Similar to PPSSPP.

So far, the application comes with a guide for a PS2 emulator to demonstration how you could get free PS2 games, you can always continue playing games from where you left off, it can run more than 90% of PlayStation games, it supports Skip BIOS boot game, supports Widescreen Games (16:9), and allows you to enjoy great graphics and high- quality sound effects.


This sum up the list of Best Playstation Emulators for Android that you can download the application from Playstore. After downloading the app, you can play the childhood games that you miss. The above list of emulators should suffice for you.

If you have any Best Playstation Emulators for Android list suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Playstation emulator for Android, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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