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Samsung is always there in the market with their new innovative, unique products. Last year they were out with Gear s2 which was a great hit in the market and now finally a few weeks back they are out with their new upgraded model of a smartwatch Samsung Gear S3. Samsung products always get evolved years after years and so at this time. The Samsung smartwatch is available in two different variants – Classic and Frontier and the best part is that both will be priced at Rs 28,500. In some foreign markets, the Frontier variant will also support LTE connectivity with voice calling feature. Coming to the Indian Variant, there is no e-SIM support from any telecom operators. So, after using this so called awesome smartwatch for a couple of weeks now here is our review:

Gear S3 Classic                                 Gear S3 Frontier

3D View: Samsung Gear S3 360 Degree View

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Design

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-designAfter Gear S2 there was a major change we can see in Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear s3 frontier. They have come up with new design statement with full circle display and a rotating bezel which also control the circular UI in the smartwatch. This time Gear s3 base is similar which we get in gear s2 classic, but it feels more like a classic retro watch than a normal looking Smartwatch. They have increased the weight as well as thickness of the watch to make the watch more look like a classic watch. If you like wearing large size watches then surely this is going to be your favorite one.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-stap-techniblogicHere we get the classic version and not the frontier version, so the Classic version is having a premium brushed steel finish which adds up more style statement to the smartwatch. In the Classic version, we get a leather strap with an additional small strap in the box whereas in Frontier we get a more like armour-style design with a silicon strap which will suit to more sporty kind of a person.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-build-qualityTop Bezels covered under stainless steel which also include steel made rotating bezels.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-build-quality-techniblogicComing to the bottom part of the watch there we get a heart rate sensor which works quite accurately. On the right side, you get two circular buttons where the top one is back button whereas the bottom one is the menu button as well as also works as a power button. Between them houses a small opening for a MIC.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-back-sensors-techniblogicComing to the left side of the watch you get three small openings for the speaker, which can actually play songs which are stored on your smartwatch.

Overall,  Samsung has worked really very hard in making this smartwatch possible and personally I love it. If I ant to give some score to the design of the watch, i will give full marks to luxury, quality, and premiumness which we get in this watch.


samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-frontGear S3 comes with a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED with full circle touchscreen display. The Screen is giving the resolution of 360 x 360 pixels with 278 ppi. On top of the screen, Samsung has also added Corning Gorilla SR+ Glass protection for extra protection in daily use. The display is quite bright, and colors look vibrant. We can easily read text with no hassle even in bright sunlight. This time we also get ‘Always-On’ display mode on gear s3 which everyone most of the time wanted. It surely affects the battery life, but in some scenario, you can turn it off also if you want.


samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-settingsSo, coming to the main part of the smartwatch i.e. its software and UI. Gear S3 runs their own UI called Tizen OS. The UI for the watch is well-designed and smooth. As we get some great hardware with 1GHz dual-core processor and 768MB of RAM which ensures its smooth functioning on daily usage. The Best thing is that it is compatible with any Android device as well as now with any iOS device too. Most of the time I have tested gear s3 on iOS app only which works quite well.

It doesn’t matter weather it a iOS app or Android one, the app for gear s3 has everything you need in it. It gives you the access to their Tizen app store from where you can download different watch faces, apps and even few games.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-charging-techniblogicWe also get 4GB of internal storage, and out of which approx 2.2GB is reserved by the system and only 1.8GB is available for photos, apps, and music (if you want to side load them). Everything on Gear S3 works Via Bluetooth because if we want to add music to watch, or transfer photos or want to share data, we need the watch to be connected via Bluetooth to your device.

3D View: Samsung Gear S3 360 Degree View

The best thing I like in gear s3 is its smooth rotating bezel, even if we are going to rotate the bezel in anti-clockwise, it will show you unread notifications from different apps whereas rotating it clockwise will help you switching different apps on the home screen.

Battery Life

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-digital-clockNow, the most awaited question which is going to arise is how much battery life that great smartwatch is going to give in daily usage? It is because we have a major concern with the battery as these days already available smartwatches can hardly last over a day.

Whereas this is Samsung has almost had a way to tackle the battery issue. They got a 380mAh battery on their new Gear S3, along with great software optimization done to get some good battery life with the same usage. In my case, I was using it normally with “ALWAYS ON DISPLAY OFF” it last me more than 3 days on a single charge and if I switch on “ALWAYS ON DISPLAY” it will last you about one-and-a-half-days which seem to be managed.

samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-techniblogic-with-boxWe also get a power saving mode which turns the screen to grayscale and turns off all the functions except message notifications. When I was in this mode, it gave me the battery life of more than 8 days, which is insane.

One thing I forget to mention above is that Gear S3 also support Samsung Pay feature which means no need of cards, no need to phone just place your smartwatch near any POS machine and you can pay any amount using it just by putting your authentication pin in the watch.

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samsung-galaxy-gear-s3-images-techniblogicSo, Overall I would say, I love this smartwatch and Samsung has really worked hard with this watch in almost every direction.

3D View: Samsung Gear S3 360 Degree View


  • Premium Design (Classy)
  • Great Built with added protection of Gorilla Glass
  • Well Optimized UI
  • Works with Android + iOS
  • Great Sunlight Legibility
  • Great battery among any other smartwatch available in the market
  • Support SAMSUNG PAY (Most Innovative feature)


  • Bit Pricy
  • Internal Storage need to be increased

You need to pay Rs 28,500 if you want to grab one.

Gear S3 Classic                                 Gear S3 Frontier

3D View: Samsung Gear S3 360 Degree View

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