Solar🌞 Roadways – LED Solar panels that you can drive, park and walk on

Solar Roadways - LED Solar panels

Tell me, how far away we are from evolution? Is there any precise distance to cover in miles? To be honest, we don’t know about that. but what we do know is, to cover any distance we need roads. What if I say we can create not just any road, but a road that can be used to generate sustainable energy. Yes, we are talking about Solar Roadways, a road which is completely made of solar panel and can generate renewable energy.

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How do Solar Roadways work?

Solar Roadways are basically Hexagonal solar panels constructed of hard recycled materials. These smart panels are covered with a new type of tempered glass to make it more sturdy and viable for vehicles. You can attach these hexagonal solar panels together to make roadways or to make a parking lot. If there is a flat surface in the opening, it can be used.

But that’s not the end of it. Every panel is integrated with smart temperature control system. That allows each panel to control their temperature, means it can use its own energy to melt snow. If there is snow, obviously.

The panels also have multiple integrated LED lights on the circuit board. Means you can program the LED light to make divider symbol, lane symbol and parking sign etc. Which is surely going to save a lot of road painting costs and labour. Don’t forget the best part, the glowing lane lines at nights. looks like Sci-Fi.

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The panels have also pressure sensors, that can detect if there is a heavy object on the surface Like Rocks, trees and even animals. It can also immediately draw a warning LED message for the vehicle that is coming in the direction to avoid a collision.

These Roadways also have two side channels, one for cables and another for Rainwater and melted snow. The corridors are specifically designed to not just carry the solar system cable but, can also carry the telephone lines and electricity line. So no more electricity pole or anything. The other channel filters the rainwater and melted snow, and move them to drainage or nearby river.

Our Thoughts:

Solar Roadways - LED Solar panelsWell, what can we say now? In 2016, France inaugurated the first Solar panel roads in a small village, it was a just a 1 Km testing phase but they did a pretty good job. The Solar panels were able to give power to all the street lights of the village, which was equivalent to the electricity consumed by an average house in a year. To be honest, that is evolution.

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So, yes. This project is a success. This the future of roads. You can go out there and imagine, what it will cost to make all the roads into a solar panel and maybe it turns out to be expensive but it’s worth it. Because in this crucial time of climate change we need clean energy, no matter where it comes from. And this is just a mere solution to save our own environment.

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  1. What is being done in France vs Solar Roadways are two very different approaches. France is simply putting solar panels similar to what is seen on rooftops on the roads. Solar Roadways is trying to create an infrastructure of smart roads that also collects energy. But you are very behind in the news, Solar Roadways has had nothing but issues and broken promises. you should see how “well” their installation went in Sandpoint, Idaho. I think Musk’s solar roof shingles are a more cost effective solution worldwide.

    1. Hey man,
      thanks for your sueggestion. I just hope in coming future, they would be able to make solar roadways possible, like in real.
      By the way, the Tesla solar roof are on sale today. 🙂

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