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Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Review : Now talk Unlimited for FREE!

A pair of Walkie Talkies is not what everyone needs in their daily life just because of their price. Till now all walkie talkies that we have seen are probably cost a lot and no one can easily afford it even if they want to. Even after that we don’t need to carry that heavy-duty walkie talkie all around which looks so weird.

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So to overcome with all this stuff Xiaomi came up with their awesome and cute looking affordable Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie. I am sure everyone is gonna love it because of its looks and features, which they are offering.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Review (Video)

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Box Contents

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Unboxing
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Unboxing


Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie design
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie design

So, when we come to design part we have always seen big and messy bulky walkie talkie in the market that too made up of very cheap quality material. But this time when xiaomi came up with there new Xiaomi MiJia Walkie talkie they are surely going to change trend. We get candy like design and is available in two different color black and white, with matt finish on it, which gives you extra grip to your hands while using it.

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Front
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Front

At the front we get a normal dotted display with good back light on it, below that you get three buttons one for option, one for selection and one to go back. Below that we get a MIC using which we actually talk and below that we can controllers using which we can slide up down in the menu and select different stuff. Finally below all buttons we get a large speaker, which has clear and crisp sound no complaints regarding it.

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Front
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Front

Coming to the down portion we get a 3.5mm audio jack beside it a Micro USB port for charging purpose and a cross hook to tie up any cable for hanging walkie-talkie in hand. We also get an Orange color LED light to notify while charging.

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Push Button
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Push Button

Turning to the left we get a push button using which we can transmit our voice to other walkie talkie connected in the same network.

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Volume Panel

At the top we get a circular controller which is an on-off button as well as used as a volume controller for the walkie talkie. Besides the controller we get a extra antenna slot where we can insert a extra antenna which came up within the box to increase the network.

Rest there is nothing which we need to explain in the design part.


Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie
Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie

To start using it turn it ON using the controller on the top by revolving it to left side. After that you can revolve it more to increase the volume if needed. Once done we get different options on the screen which is unfortunately in Chinese only and we have no way to change it to english as of now. Still it is very simple to understand because we don’t have much to see in it.

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From the left button you can move in the menu and you will get different option over there, we have attached the image with translated version to English as you can see. First option is GPS which you can use by connecting with an Android app. Below that we get FM option which i mostly use because we don’t need to plug any headphone to get network. it will direly play all the songs in it. We get the option to manually select the FM network or scan it automatically to get all networks in the list.

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Rest option are for setting from where we can change the screen brightness, calling volume and other stuff which is mostly not needed.

Coming back to the hope screen when we press the back button again we get all the idle networks which are available just select one, set it and in other MiJia walkie talkie select the same and now you are ready to talk via walkie talkie with the same connected network.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Takie Review

1.How much battery it has?

We get 2600mAh Battery which will easily last you more than 15 hours on continuous use and we get about 180 hours or idle stand by time which is insane.

2. What is the charging time?

It took me about 3.05 hours to charge it from 0 to 100%.

3. What is a coverage range for MiJia Walkie talkie?

If you are in a plain area it will easily work for about 9 to 10 Km, but if you are in a city and too much chaos and construction is there it will easily last you for more than 5 to 6 Km. I have test the same and you want check it out in our video at our youtube channel.

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Rest, if you have some other question you can comment down below our team will surely reply you back with solved query.

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